13 Reasons Why Apple iPhone Is A Mania

As expected, Apple has released on September  the thinnest and lightest iPhone ever, its the  iPhone 5 that comes with the most advanced mobile operating system ( iOS 6 ).  Whether you’re an apple loyal or not, its pretty obvious that the iPhone 5 has enough distinction as opposed  its predecessor and competitors to stand out more.

Imagine, the hundreds of  Apple fans lined 14th St in New York overnight awaiting the sale of the new iPhone 5 and according to them that it’s worth the wait, It seems that Apple fans continue to show their unending fanaticism lining up overnight and even for days just to get their hands on the latest iPhone. It’s been 6 years after Apple launched their first iPhone but still now, millions of people are still excited about having it.

Through the years, generally, Apple has been constantly making their customers very happy and satisfied with their innovations and new surprises! Even the largest mobile carriers  are taking advantage of this. Businessmen around the world are thinking Apple  iPhones and Apple iPhone accessories.

But the question is why we all wanted to have it?

We did some surveys and looked why people would choose to buy an iphone 5 over other mobile devices. Here are some of the reactions we’ve gathered.

  1. “ I like the iPhone 5 because of its larger screen but is thinner and lighter than any other  iPhone ”
  2. “Apple is incredible!”!
  3. “I still have my old apple iPhones accessories”
  4. “ There are lots of little features changes that make the iPhone 5, but overall, it’s amazing! ”
  5. “ For me its about the apple iPhone cases and apple iPhone covers, it’s my business ”
  6. “ I heard about its ability to take photos while you shoot video at the same time ”
  7. “ I still prefer having  an apple a day rather than  berries ”
  8. “I simply love apple accessories”
  9. “Why not? Apple right?
  10. “I’m an Apple fanatics ever since”
  11. “I like what mobile carriers offers”
  12. “I was sponsored”
  13. “I like iPhone 5’s metal back, that can be carried without  apple  iPhone cases”

Haven’t you noticed?  No matter what their reasons are, whatever  reasons they have, whether satisfied or not , the fact is we all wanted to choose  this mobile phone  because of  its name,  the Brand “iPhone” from the maker “Apple” .

Until today,  pre-orders online for  iPhone  5 have been incredible  and mobile carriers have  been completely blown away by the customer responses.  Massive queues are forming outside Apple stores worldwide. Apple Fans have been camping outside shops.celebrities copped the new iPhone 5 without delay. Business experts predicted that apple will sell over 50 millions iPhone 5 units by the end of the year and double it by first quarter of next year.  This is truly amazing and incredible!

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