Apple has shaken the status quo by introducing products that would continue to change the world until today. With the introduction of iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad, they have become the huge trendsetter the world has ever had in this technological era.

But with Steve Jobs out of the picture, will Apple remain relevant and resilient as it was back in the days he was in the helm of its leadership?

There are certainly a lot of questions about how Apple can continue sustain its lead among its competition.

This is why we are bringing to you, iPlugin, a website that would be dedicated to bringing you your daily dose of Apple news and product reviews. We will be on the look out for you to remain vigilant and tell about important news and analysis you would like to know about Apple’s latest offerings.

We love Apple products as much as you do. We are obsessed about it, that is why we want to help you decide if their latest product offerings are something you should crave for.

Purchasing an Apple product, whether for fad or business, is a huge investment. That is why we would like to help you decide if the future generations of iPhone and iPad are still worth your money. We will investigate and help you decide.

Apple is all about relevance. Whether it stays or not as one is something all of us should know.

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