An iPad World around Us

When I look around people in my everyday life people use iPads all the time.  Last week I visited a hospital where the physicians used iPads to chart on patients, I use an iPad to interview applicants via facetime for my Human Resources job, and my favorite local pub has their craft cocktail menu on an iPad.  When I get home from work I use my personal iPad for so many things!  I look up recipes, crafts, games, news, facts, and so much more.

At the hospital I visited (for a sprained ankle) the doctors and nurses took my medical history and documented my physical condition on an iPad.  They also had a very neat application that showed the human body and explained my diagnosis right at the bedside in the Emergency room.  The doctors had accesses to the most up to date medical facts and conditions, medications, and treatment plans literally right at their fingertips.  I felt like I received amazing care because of the iPad and I knew how to take care of my sprain the properly.

In any workplace, not just a hospital, an iPad can be very valuable to the company.  I personally use FaceTime to applicants on an iPad as part of a screening process for positions available with our company.  The prescreening processing important in human resources and the iPad interviews help save money and time for the company.  Without the use of an iPad, I would either have to use a blurry webcam or face to face interviews and waste time with dud applicants.

After work it’s nice to chill out a bit before going home, and my favorite downtown bar has their cocktail menu on iPad!  Having the menu on an iPad helps the customer navigate through their drink choices by choosing the type of spirt, beer, or wine.  We get to swipe through the iPad and all the drink choices the menu has to offer.  The iPad help make the bar feel rich and expensive, but also accessible and fun.

Using an iPad is valuable for your brain.  IPads keep people stimulated, educated, and informed in all different kinds of environments.  The care I was given in the emergency room was better than expected because of an iPad.  Using an iPad has made my human resources job more efficient.  The pubs and bars are able to cater a fun informative “foodie” crowd when having their menus on an iPad.

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