Apple plans to open up its newest store on the Upper East Side in Manhattan

While much to the chagrin of Apple electronic device lovers everywhere there are still no locations in Brooklyn, New York, Apple plans to open up a sixth Apple Store in Manhattan, NY sometime soon.

The new location is 940 Madison Avenue, which is on the corner of E. 74th St. This is according to the New York Daily News, who recently reported that the US Mortgage & Trust Company building, a historic 13,000 square foot property, will be the site of Apple’s sixth company store in the fittingly named Big Apple.

With a beautifully ornate limestone and marble entrance, the building has an incredible 95 feet of frontage on historic Madison Avenue and comes with the original bank vault made for and placed in the building.

As of right now plans haven’t been confirmed by Apple and Khedouri Ezair, the owner of the building, has declined to comment on the Daily News’ report as well.

While there is definitely mounting buzz on numerous tech blogs about New York, there still is no public record of any deal being reached between the building’s owner and Apple, although plans to transform the property seem to be in the works.

For example, an architectural firm from Philadelphia, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, recently filed plans to demolish the interior of some of the property. The firm was one that helped design the iconic Apple glass cube on fifth Avenue years ago.

One of the engineering firms that was put to work on some of the past projects for Apple in New York, Eckersley O’Callaghan, also happens to be getting construction permits as of late as far as records show. Like the owners of the building and Apple themselves, they declined to comment on the Daily News story.

Whether the plans for the new Apple store are legitimate or not, they are well-known for two things; amazing architecture and huge sales.  For consumers everywhere who are loyal to Apple and love their iPods, iPads and iPhones, the news of yet another Apple Store in Manhattan has been greeted with much enthusiasm.


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