Apple Releases iPhone 5, Falls Short of Sales Expectations

Apple has recently released iPhone 5 on September with massive changes most especially its larger screen, faster internet speed and new configurations.

Sales were also massive with a reported of over 5 million units sold in its first three days, beating its predecessor iPhone 4s with it sales although lower than what was expected by most experts.

Big reason for this was the incredible and exceeding demand for this new iPhone model. They could have sold more if the production was enough to meet the forecast of most analysts.

iphone hands on 300x269 Apple Releases iPhone 5, Falls Short of Sales Expectations

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Wall Street Journal has talked to an unnamed executive of Hon Hai Precision, the company who owns Foxconn Technology Group, iPhone’s manufacturer and admitted that it is “the most difficult device that Foxconn has ever assembled.  To make it light and thin, the design is very complicated,”

Hon Hai, according to him is taking steps to improve its productivity and quality check procedures.

There were a lot of concerns about the release of iPhone including the scratches to its metal casing and a few things. We would address those in our upcoming review of this new iPhone model.

Do you have other concerns about Apple iPhone 5? Tell us about it!


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