Coming Up: Apple’s iPad Mini

After the much anticipated release of iPhone 5 in the market a few weeks ago, Apple is back in the market to release a new version of iPad which will come smaller this time.

Apple will officially announce the new Apple iPad Tuesday to show that it has a “little more” to show.

There are a lot of rumors and debate about the value this new iPad model will bring to users. But rumors will remain rumors until the day of the launch has come. According to the Washington Post, there are unanimous speculations that it would be really smaller (about 7.85 inch – display).

The release of Apple iPad mini comes late after the success of Nexus 7, that could reach sales of 8 million units this year.

But, is this something consumers should look forward into?

There’s a lot of Apple products to choose from like Apple iPad, iPod touch and the upcoming iPad. Certainly, the mini iPad will be caught in between as characteristics are almost the same except for the 3g feature the iPad units have.

Questions if Apple still remains a trendsetter stays unless the mini Apple iPad can prove its entirely different than any other products.

Are you excited about Apple iPad’s mini release? Tell us your thoughts!

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