Did You Know That You Can Do These Things on Your iPhone?

Owning an iPhone comes with many perks. Being one of the top of the line smartphones in the market right now, the iPhone has several features that its competitors fail to surpass or even meet. However, while you are so busy sending SMS messages or emails to your friends or enjoying free calls through apps that you can download on your phone, you may have failed to notice the other cool things that this great phone can do.

Easy Formatting of Text

Sometimes you just want to emphasize certain words on your posts by underlining or italicizing them. If you have not used this feature, here is the quick way to do it. Just tap twice on the word that you want to format then the options for bold, underline, or italicize will pop up and you can then choose what to use.

Help With Your Vocabulary

Most of you would encounter a word that gets you confused about its meaning. Instead of doing a web search to know the meaning of that word, you can simply do the same actions stated above – double tap on the word – because it also provides an option for “define”.

Remove a Typo

Using a smartphone, though, is prone to spelling errors or wrong input of words. Because of the touch sensitivity of the screen, the slightest touch can cause letters that you never intended to be there suddenly appear on the screen. Hence, when you look at your message, you will see lots of wrong entries. To quickly undo this, just shake your iPhone and the option to undo what you typed will be shown. This is better than erasing letters one by one.

Easy Burst Mode on Camera

The burst mode is a great feature because it lets you take several photos in succession so you can see the many details of the movement of your subject and so that you can be sure to find a good shot of your liking. To quickly turn your shots into burst mode, simply hold on to the shutter button while you take a photo.

A Period and a Space

Composing an email or a message always require that you end a sentence with a period and then place a space as you start another sentence. Do you know a quick way to this? Just hit the space button twice and you will get this desired result instantly.

Know Who is Calling on Vibrate

Being in a movie house or in a meeting always requires you to turn your phone to silent mode. However, if you are expecting an important call, it would be wise to turn the vibrate mode on. How do you know, though, if the call was important or not?  It is easy. You can set different vibration patterns for your contacts so that you can distinguish who is sending an email or calling you even when you are not looking at the screen. You tweak the setting on the Contacts app.

These are very simple yet helpful features that some iPhone owners fail to use. Try to get to know your device better and you might just discover other shortcuts that will make editing, formatting, or getting information quicker and simpler with your iPhones.


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