Expecting Mothers and Apps on their iPhone

As a new expecting mom, I have been overwhelmed with emotions, advice, books, and apps…. oh so many apps on my iPhone!  When I first found out I was pregnant I downloaded eight different apps!  The traditional pregnancy app turned into downloading baby name apps, to then downloading heartbeat finder apps, to nutrition apps for mommy.  It’s already scary being pregnant, and all these apps started to make it more overwhelming than it should be!  After downloading eight apps I went through and reviewed them, I deleted more than half and kept three.

First, let me saying having an iPhone 6s is a blessing, there is so much information and the tips of my fingers and I’m truly lucky to have such a great product helping me through this new adventure.  The first app I downloaded was the traditional “What to Expect When you’re Expecting”.  This app allowed me to put in my due date, upload pictures week by week, and connected me to other soon to be mothers who are due the same month I am.  Being in a “group” on this app has allowed me to read what other women are going through at the same time I am, and help me understand and compare my pregnancy and theirs.  Some women on this app are five and six time mothers, they have been through miscarriages, tough pregnancy, and so much more.  At times I feel it’s almost easier to talk to a stranger about things going on, than a friend, because early on in pregnancy I didn’t want to tell too many people and this app is amazing for that.

The Bump app is a sister product of The Knot and I have found it useful as well.  It has beautiful pictures, and guides for each trimester.  This app includes maternity fashion advice, nursery ides, pregnancy safety tips, and an area dedicated to twins and multiples.  Having this app on my iPhone has made me a more educated mother to be.  The third app I kept was Ovia Pregnancy.  This app has food recommendations, tips on increasing your energy during pregnancy, and updates you on the development of that baby.  It’s a fun scientific app I love!  The baby name, heartbeat finder, and postnatal apps will all be re-downloaded later in this pregnancy, but for now they are unnecessary to me and I don’t need to overwhelm myself with more emotions and tidbits than necessary.

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