Get Hired at a Tech Firm Even Though You Aren’t a Developer

It seems like the cool thing to do these days is to work for a tech startup, preferably in the Silicon Valley or some cosmopolitan center. Before you decide that this lifestyle isn’t for you because you’re not a programmer or developer, think again. There are many other occupations and positions that tech companies look for when hiring new members to their teams.

  1. Translators

Many have a very narrow view of what studying a language can give you, apart from being a teacher or a professional translator in forums like the United Nations. There are many opportunities for translators to link their skills with their passions, for example, like technology. If you have always been excited about techy things, however realized you don’t have much of a talent for it, use your strength with languages to get involved in this field! Rapidly expanding tech companies look to hire such people because technical translation services help you reduce risk when sharing your special information related to your product or service.

  1. Project Managers

Every company, no matter what it deals with, has a need for project or program managers. These are people who understand the complexity of tasks on hand and know how to manage them to make best use of the team and resources given to them. Knowing how to interact with tech nerds and get them on board with your schedule and time lines is a real skill, and recruiters are always on the lookout for people with these qualities.

  1. Marketing Professional

You don’t know anything about developing an app or programming a website, yet you understand people. Marketing professionals know how to make a product desirable and create campaigns targeting the specific segment of the market you are looking to engage. They decide on the tone and image of the brand, as it comes down to logos, content, images, and more. If you are interested and entrenched in the tech culture, you will make a good marketing professional within this field as you have a good connection with the audience.

  1. Bookkeeper

Everyone thinks that accountants and bookkeepers have the most boring jobs in the world. However, if you like it and enjoy working with people who are very involved in the technology environment, “doing your thing” at a tech startup might actually be an exciting proposition for you. Keeping the books balanced and advising on financial decisions at this stage in the game is a very important role, perfect for a responsible and level-headed person who understands the industry.

  1. Human Resources

If you understand the technological world overall, yet your training is more in the arts and humanities, you might want to look for employment as a human resources professional. You could be part of the hiring process and matching talent with the jobs available, as well as caring for the well-being of existing employees. Most HR department members have at least a diploma specifically in Human Resources, so if you are missing that from your arsenal of experience and education, it might be something worth working towards.

Just because you aren’t a programmer or a developer, doesn’t mean you aren’t cut out for work in a technology based company. There are plenty of opportunities for people with different training and skills to find valuable employment in such companies and benefit from the unique lifestyle associated them. If you are passionate about the tech industry and it’s something that interests you on a personal level, you have a much better chance at getting a coveted position at a tech firm, even if your educational background is very different.

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