Healthy iPad Applications for the New Year

The holidays are now over and the new-year is upon us and this is the time where the list of resolutions is jotted down to try and improve themselves in 2016.  People usually make resolutions to get healthy, lose weight, improve their career, or find love.  This year you can use your iPad to help you with all of your resolutions.

A great new app called Fooducate will help you track your food for free.  It has a barcode to scan food items, you can lean the positives and negatives of the foods you are eating, and it will provide you with ideas for healthier food alternatives.  Along with tracking your food intake, it tracks not just quantity, but also the calories as well.  There is an online community for support, feedback, and Q&A.  It is a motivating app that will help start your healthy journey in the new-year.

Map My Run is popular app to help people lose weight and get healthy in the new-year.  It has a great feature that tracks exercise and more specifically running. It maps your running route and splits your time per mile.  It tracks your runs over time and shows you a breakdown of runs.  You can see day to day the variation of run time and hopefully over time see an improvement.

Improving your career is a common resolution people make each year.  You can improve jury caterer by reading some self-help books on your iPad.  Reading for pleasure and self-help books are great for your spirit and could help improve your career.  Downloading Dropbox to your iPad is great for working from home nights, and resume builder will help put together a flawless resume if you’re looking for a new job. You can ago download the app Jobs by CareerBuilder to help you find a new job and keep your search timely and at your fingertips.

If you are looking for love, try Hinge and apps.  Tinder if course is great if you are in college. Download Hinge if you are in your mid to late twenties and for over thirty.  It is important to keep your dating apps age appropriate.  If you are truly looking to find a mate, try investing money into an online dating site.

No matter what your resolution is in 2016 your iPad will play a key role in helping you accomplish your goals.

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