How to give a Good Massage

Giving your partner a massage is a wonderful way to relieve their stress and tension and bond with them at the same time. It is important that you use proper massage giving technique in order to give a genuinely good massage. Here’s a list of tips and tricks for giving a good massage.

Be sure not to push so hard

It’s important to monitor how hard you are rubbing on your partner. The experience should be a gentle and sensual one, not one that causes pain. Relieving stress and deep tension does not require an immense amount of force only consisted pressure and time.  Be sure to be in constant communication with your partner during the massage to get their feedback on how it feels and if you need to be gentler.

Take your time

It is important not to rush when giving your partner massage. Relieving most knots and tension takes time, so when you rush you may fail to reduce your partner’s stress. In addition, giving a massage should be a bonding experience and like all important moments with your partner it should be savored and enjoyed.

Learn Some Basic Massage Techniques

Often it is easy to learn basic massage techniques simply by watching the pros at work. In addition, if you have received massages before you can use simply just a mimic what was done to you.  If you still feel like you need more training, you can find many informative how-to videos on YouTube.


One pro technique for massaging shoulders is to simply grab a tennis ball and rolled the ball all over with your plan.  This is a sure-fire way to relieve muscle tension.

Now that you know the steps for giving a good massage at home be sure to use these techniques with your partner the next time you want to relieve their stress.  And to get a first-hand experience of how to give a truly excellent massage be sure to visit a spa in your area soon.  And to locate spas in your local area be sure to visit Groupon Pages.

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