How Video Chats Can Boost Your Online Business

Contrary to what a lot of people think, making a successful business online is not always easy. The Internet is full of “helpful articles”, but how do you pick which methods and tools to use? Let me give you an advice: use video chats as part of your marketing strategy and that alone can help you boost your online business on so many ways.

  1. Let fans video chat live with celebs.

We aren’t talking about superstar actors and musicians. Nowadays the definition of what a celebrity is can be rather fuzzy, after all. So you can offer live video chat with social media celebrities for your fans as a thrill and as a promotional tool. This can be anyone—even you can be a social media celebrity if you want.

  1. Improve sales.

When people are in a mall, they don’t want salespeople hovering around them. They feel pressured when that happens. But what shoppers do want are salespeople to be conveniently nearby when they have a question before they buy an item.

You can do both when you have a website that lets your visitors buy something by offering video chats. It’s available only when your visitors want to use it. At the same time, it offers a faster way to communicate. Your salespeople can use visual cues and voice tones for their sales pitch. With screen sharing, your employees can even know exactly which pages the visitors are browsing on your website.

  1. Enhance customer service.

According to marketing experts, about a third of all customer support interactions will involve live video chats by 2017. In fact, one recent survey found that 36% of respondents like to use video chats for customer support.

It’s just so helpful for everyone. Customers can find the problem faster because they can just show and tell about their issues to support personnel. The customer support people can also build a better rapport with customers. It’s also easier for support staff to help customers, because they’re better able to guide them through complicated instructions.

  1. Better training for employees.

 New employees can be a burden since their productivity isn’t as high while they’re still learning the ropes. But, with video chats, you can have your more experienced employees guide these newbies so they can get the answers and guidance they need.

  1. Improved collaboration.

Face to face meetings can be very impractical, but they’re better than just communicating through text or phone calls. Video chats combine the best of both. Communication is faster, clearer, and just more efficient. At the same time, video chats can also cut down on the time used for all these meetings.

All these benefits are possible when you have the right software for video chats. You can use smartphones so these video chats can be done on the fly, and “celebs” and trainers don’t have to come to your workplace. As long as you find something that’s reliable and easy to use, video chats can prove to be a boon for your business.

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