iPhone Picture Apps to Avoid Being the One that Posts Every Picture

Over the past year I got so annoyed with people posting multiple photos over and over again on social media. I love my social media apps, and I love snooping and looking at friends photos but I hate when they post more than a few pictures of the same event. First people need to edit their own posting abilities, as we don’t care that your son bit an apple at the apple orchard in seven different photos, and then picked up twelve different pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. We only want to see the main pictures! I decided that I would not be one of these people ever again, and go into using picture collage apps to show my favorites of a night out or event in one expressive fun photo. My top three favorite picture collage apps for my iPhone are Pic Collage, Pic Stitch, and Mixgram.

Pic Collage is a funky app for the iPhone that lets you design a picture collage with multiple backgrounds, colors, text, font, and shapes. It is a free app and very easy to use with your iPhone touch screen. You can angle pictures, flip them, and even write over them to create a customized picture collage. If you’re posting about your birthday you can choose between a few different backgrounds related to the birthday theme, then about five of your most favorite photos from the party, and crate a customized photo to post on any social media outlet.

Pic Stitch is my personal favorite picture collage app because it’s so simple and clean. This app not as creative as the others but it works so well. Once you edit your photos to your liking in your iPhone camera roll, you choose your favorites, pick a standard black and white template with up to eight photo slots available and Pic Stitch drops them in for you. It’s perfect for Instagram; you get so many photos in one picture.

Mixgram is the newest app I downloaded and it allows you to add funny clip art, text and graphic right inside the app. Just use three or four of your iPhone pictures and then add giant red kissy lips to your friends face, or cartoon rain clouds over your crabby selfie. This is app is a lot of fun to play with and everyone will get a kick out of your creativity and humor when you post the photo on Facebook.

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