Is Apple planning to introduce their 12-inch Retina MacBook Air at the Apple Watch Event?

The Michael Report, an online source that claims to have people on the inside at Apple, is saying that, during their March 9 Apple Watch Event, the electronics giant is going to be introducing their new 12 inch MacBook Air with Retina display. The long rumored MacBook will supposedly have a redesigned chassis as well as no fan for more silent operation, and will be the thinnest the company has made.

This isn’t the first time that a rumor has made the rounds saying that Apple would release their new MacBook Air during the Apple watch event or sometime in the spring of 2015. Another rumor that backs this up is from one of their suppliers, Quanta, who supposedly started mass-producing the notebook back in January. Ming-Chi Kuo, a securities analyst for KGI Securities and a noted source for Apple information, also says that the new model will be released in March.

The Michael Report posted this on their website; “Many are expecting Apple to talk more about the Apple Watch. However, sources familiar with the matter within Apple have exclusively told the Michael Report that Apple plans to unveil the long-awaited Retina MacBook Air at the same event. The Michael Report has independently verify this information to be highly credible.”

The fact is however that, when it comes to rumors about Apple, The Michael Report hasn’t always been all that accurate. For example, before the iPhone 6 Plus was launched, they were saying that it would come with quad core processors, a sapphire display and that it would be named the iPhone 6L, all of which were wrong.

On the other hand, before the iPad Air 2 was released, they accurately predicted a number of the design elements that the new tablet would have (even though a dummy model circulating on the Internet at the time was probably the source for their predictions).

One thing is definitely true; the MacBook Air is in definite need of an update. That being said, introducing it at the March 9 event seems like a distinct possibility, as well as Apple introducing a number of other models for the 11 inch and 13 inch MacBook Air. Since last November Core M Broadwell chips have been available, which are appropriate for a 12 inch Retina MacBook.

In any case the Apple Watch Event is less than a week away so, rumors or not, the world will know whether Apple has a new MacBook in less than seven days.

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