Is the Market Ready for a Newer, Larger iPad?

Some of the possible plans that Apple has is store for 2014 include a watch that runs iOS apps, a larger iPhone and, possibly, and iPad that’s nearly 13 inches.

Over the last few weeks there have been plenty of rumors about Apple testing a new iPad touchscreen that’s 12.9 inches and that they’re also readying it for release this year. Granted, these reports are originating from The Korea Times and other Asian news sources, but still they’re from good sources and it’s reported that Apple is testing a 2K and a 4K resolution screen in the 12.9 inch size.

Some of the reports are even coming from sources within Apple’s supply chain but Avi Greengart, the Current Analysis expert, said that Apple would have a difficult time pinpointing specific users to whom they could sell this extra-large iPad.

“Apple already has something with a permanently attached keyboard that comes in a 13-inch size: the MacBook Air,” he said.

Point taken.

There are also a number of Windows devices already on the market at 13 inches including the Toshiba Click and the fact is that going down a path towards this large of an iPad would be in direct contradiction to the way Apple sees devices of this type, or rather the distinction between tablets and laptop computers.

As Greengart says, “Apple has been adamant that computers and tablets are different things.” Indeed, at a keynote speech that CEO Tim Cook made earlier in 2014 that point was made exceedingly clear when he called the hybrid  laptop / tablet market “confused”.

Greengart will also said that, if Apple does indeed release a new 13 inch iPad, it would be called the iPad Pro and most likely marketed to businesses and salespeople who would, in all probability, use the bigger display to give presentations to their customers and clients.

It would also give Apple the opportunity to pitch their iPads from three different angles to consumers, depending on the specific use and size that they needed.

One last note that Greengart made a point of saying was that, if Apple is going to make a 13 inch iPad, keeping it lightweight would be one of the most crucial factors and challenges that they face.

When pressed, Greengart said that while it’s possible, he “isn’t banking on” Apple developing a 13 inch iPad. As with all things from the extremely secretive company, the public will just have to wait and see.

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