Remembering Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has touched the lives of millions of people around the world by being an innovator, the creative genius and visionary behind the most successful products today, and a friend. His endless creativity and desire to challenge and shake the status quo made him one of the most important figures of this era.

It was a rough road for Steve during the first few years, most especially the power struggle inside Apple that saw him leaving the company he co-founded. But who would have thought that he will emerge stronger and oversaw the development of revolutionary products today like the iPod, iPhone and iPad?

Steve was unique among his contemporaries for overseeing the digital revolution of this era. The world would never be possible again without the breakthrough products that he created.

It remains to be seen if Jobs is truly irreplaceable. He cared not just about the brand and his empire, he cared about the consumers too. He remained true to his promise that Apple’s products will revolutionize and empower consumers.

Apple lost an anchor of the digital revolution. While it remains a mystery if Apple will continue to challenge the status quo and to remain relevant in the endless surge of digital era, its release of the latest Apple iPhone and iPad have consumers kneeling down on their knees thanking that Steve Jobs led Apple.

Series of changes and new discoveries will come from Apple’s headquarters as the years passes. This is why we have created this website. In today’s technology where people’s memories have become more and more temporal, we would like to remind everyone the greatness of the brand that is Apple.

We will monitor the latest news, updates and even write reviews about Apple’s products. We are excited to hear from you too! Tell us about how you feel about Apple’s latest offerings too and we would certainly talk about it!

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