Should You Own an iPad Air?

Are you looking for a new tablet because your old one has reached the end of its useful life or maybe simply because you want to upgrade to a better device? Then there is a good chance that the iPad Air is one of the devices that you are considering. However, with so many competing brands, each promising to have very useful features as well, you may be confused on what exactly to buy. To clear your mind and help you come up with a decision, here are some of the features of the iPad Air that you may consider very beneficial for your lifestyle, hence, making it your ideal choice.

Great Design

People who like wider screens without the heavy weight would definitely love the iPad Air. With a 9.7-inch display, you will enjoy looking at photos, playing games, or watching videos on its screen. The best part is even with its size, you will be surprised at how light it is, which makes it very easy to carry around as you do your work or do some research.

Sharp Display

Several reviews that have compared the iPad Air with other leading tablets show that the Air offers good rendition of colors and provide sharp images. This is very important if you use your device more for taking photos, streaming videos, and playing games, as this will really heighten your viewing experience.

Long Battery Life

One thing you would hate to happen is to run out of juice when you are out and could not charge your device. This is why most consumers nowadays always look at the battery life of the device that they are considering and even make this as a huge factor in their decision-making. The good news is that the iPad Air has proven to last long hours even with WiFi on. Tests have shown that it could run straight for 11 hours with WiFi, which is more than you can expect from a device that has a fast processor and laden with features.

Superb Performance

The iPad Air is not all looks and long battery life. It is packed with a fast processor too, which means that you can open multiple applications and still have them running smoothly without glitch. Several benchmark tests show that the iPad Air always stays on the top 3 results. So, if you usually simultaneously open the email app, the web browser, some office apps that you need for work, a few games during your break time, while listening to some music, then the iPad Air would be a smart choice. Aside from its fast processor, it also comes with iOS 7, which is easy to use and feature-packed.

It seems that the iPad Air has everything covered from design, display, performance, and battery life. You will be glad to know that the Air is available with different storage capacities (16GB to 128GB), so it is very easy to get one that matches you specific needs. People who love storing media files, for instance, will surely find the idea of having their files with them everywhere they go great and very convenient.

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