The Apple Watch is Almost Here

In just a couple days, on March 9, the world will be introduced (finally) to the Apple Watch. Apple is holding an event in San Francisco and, of course, CEO Tim Cook and many other executives from the company will be there.

Now, to be sure, there are already a couple of other watches on the market that are similar to the Apple Watch but what’s really got people talking is the look and design, as well as the simple fact that, yep, it’s from Apple. Below are a number of facts that are already known, just to keep you satisfied until March 9. Enjoy

Most interestingly, the new Apple Watch will come in three different models; the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition, all of which look similar of course but have different features, sizes and materials. Also, all three of the different models will come in two sizes, both a 1.5 inch and 1.7 inch (in terms of height).

There are also only two buttons on the Watch, and it comes with two different kinds of glass, Sapphire glass and Ion glass. The Apple Watch model and Edition model will have the Sapphire Crystal while the Sport model will have the Ion X

All three of the models will be made with different metals. Stainless steel for the Watch, 18 karat gold for the Edition and, for the Sport, anodized aluminum

This fact is something that will set the Apple Watch apart from all others; in order to connect to the Internet, you will need an iPhone. Not only that but it will have to be an iPhone 5 or later running iOS 8 software. The connection between the two will be via Bluetooth.

Like a number of other, similar devices on the market, the Apple Watch will also be able to monitor your heart and measure body movements with an accelerometer (including how many steps you take). One major feature missing, much to the chagrin of fitness enthusiasts, is GPS, which the Apple Watch will not have.

Only one price is known thus far, and that’s $349, which most believe is for the Sport model. Since the number 2 seems to be a theme with the Apple Watch, each model will also be available in 2 colors. The Watch will come in both stainless steel and also black stainless steel, the Sport in silver and gray aluminum and the Edition in either 18 karat yellow gold or 18 karat rose gold.

They threw out the number 2 when it came to wristbands however, as there are 6 different kinds. Those 6 include a metal band with a traditional clasp, a flexible magnetic/metal band, a magnetic leather band, another band that includes a modern buckle, a rubber sport band and a leather band with a classic buckle.

Finally, when a notification comes in over the Apple Watch, it will “tap” the wearer, and that person will also be able to tap their Watch to alert other wearers.

As for all of the information that’s still unknown about this much anticipated electronic device, in less than a week all those questions will be answered.

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