The Snapchat Phenomenon

Over the past three or four years Snapchat has grown to become a favorite of millennials in the social medical outlets.  I downloaded the app three years ago and only a handful of my contacts were on Snapchat as well.  This was before Snapchat had the My Story feature and all the filters like timestamps, speed and the ability to replay the snaps.  The app to me wasn’t really worth my time prior to these features but one the My Story feature started I checked it more often.  It wasn’t until this past year that I started getting notifications from my Snapchat app, because in months past I didn’t really communicate to anyone on it.  Now snapchat has one of the most popular features call face swap and it is becoming addicting to people of all ages.

Using the Snapchat lens filters is my favorite feature.  From turning yourself into an old lady with a looking glass eye, to becoming the Easter Bunny, Snapchat has turned their app into an amazing facial feature changing app and photo editor.  I can look like an alien in one snap and a Bratz Doll in the next giving me hours of entertainment sharing funny photos and snaps with my friends.  Using face swap is so entertaining and creative, it takes using social media to a whole new level.

The My Story feature is the main reason I love Snapchat.  I can add more snaps to My Story as the night goes on, and filter each snap based on what I feel fits the story.  I love to use the geo-filters to show my location in one snap and then when I travel to another city it shows another colorful geo-location icon that I can use to update My Story.  Filtering face snaps based on my mood is entertaining and tagging things in the Snapchat Our Story filter is fun too.  The Our Story feature puts you inside some of the world’s most major events right from you phone.

You can save your snaps and post them on Facebook and Instagram along with emailing them to older family members who might now have Snapchat.  Snapchat has made the possibilities endless with daily facial feature updates and My Story feature.  If you haven’t downloaded Snapchat yet, you’re missing out. Seeing your friends at crazy soccer games, wild parties, and life changing concerts is all a part of the Snapchat experiences.  It’s free and fun!

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