Top 3 Best Selling Apple Products

Despite the bevy of competitors that are emerging from all over the world, Apple Inc. is still distinctly known as a leader in the consumer electronics industry. Much can be credited to the innovations launched by Steve Jobs, which paved the way for other companies to follow suit. Now, consumers all over the world are enjoying great devices that are packed with the newest technology right on their palms.

Even with the wide array of devices available to the market today, Apple products still prove to be best-sellers. It is not only because of the loyalty they gained through the years from returning customers, but because of the continuous innovations that they make on their existing line of products that keep them on their competitive edge. Here are three of the many Apple products that still perform well on the market.


Since its unveiling in 2007, the iPhone has kept its stature as the leading smartphone and it is clearly proven by the hundreds of people who line up in front of Apple stores every time a new model comes out. The latest model is the iPhone 5S, which has a fingerprint sensor, retina display, 8 megapixel camera, and a capacity of up to 64GB. It contains the newest iOS 7 that is laden with features like AirDrop, Siri, AirPrint, and AirPlay. The next version, the iPhone 6, is also expected to be launched by September of 2014.


The iPod came before the iPhone. It was launched in 2001 to the delight of music lovers all over the world. Its sleek design and high-end technology was a great leap from old music players that people were used to. Perhaps the best feature that it offered was the 5GB storage capacity that enabled users to store a thousand songs in this great device. Different versions of the iPod has been released since then, like the Shuffle, Touch, and Nano, each offering something unique to the consumers. The latest iPod Touch is on its fifth generation, with memory capacity of 32GB and 64GB. It also comes with an AirPlay feature for media streaming. Despite the growing number of competing products, people still think of the iPod when they hear the word “mp3 player”.


When laptops hit the market, it revolutionized the way people can go about their computing needs while being mobile, and many thought that things could not get any better. In fact, it did and that happened when tablet computers were launched. iPad is Apple’s line of tablet computers, which was first released in 2010. It came with a multi-touch screen, which is ideal for gaming, taking photos, listening to music, and is capable of other computer functions with the help of applications that can be downloaded to it. The latest version is the iPad Air, which was released on the third quarter of 2013. It comes with a 9.7 inch screen, with ultra light and thin design, making it perfect for people who carry their tablets with them for work, school, and every day use.

Many companies may try to beat Apple, but that would be a huge challenge for them. Apple has shown, time and again, that it will continue creating innovations in consumer electronics technology. Their good reputation, solid brand name, and huge market share all over the world, still makes them the leader in the industry.

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