Top iPhone Apps Finding Their Way into Classrooms

There is an unprecedented extent of technology available in the educational world. This technology is there to ostensibly augment the teaching experience, but the volume of ever-evolving technology of all kinds – in particular iPhone and iPad apps – can be difficult to keep on top of, even for the most tech-savvy teacher.

For anybody involved with the high school teaching world, or are utilizing a degree in instructional technology, these are some of the most popular and useful mobile apps used in high school classrooms throughout the country.


Many of the most widely-used educational apps are designed to streamline the challenging, untidy, and incredibly multi-faceted job of teaching. There are enough trials involved with the educational aspects of teaching, and the administrative aspects tend to take up valuable time.

iphone hands on 300x269 Top iPhone Apps Finding Their Way into Classrooms

Outliner for iPad is a deeply useful, flexible program that can be used to outline and organize everything from lectures to grade sheets to class lists. Many teachers find the $4.99 price tag more than worth the amount of time and aggravation saved through this app’s powerful organization features.

Free Books

This free app for iOS is enormously valuable in the classroom – and will provide countless hours of free entertainment during leisure hours. Free Books enables users to download from a selection of well over 20,000 free books – including an extensive variety of classics for quick and easy reference. The powerful built-in e-reader includes features such as note-taking, highlighter, bookmarks, and more. The Free Books library also includes famous speeches, letters, and plays.


There was a time, not too long ago, that teachers were usually left to their own devices when it came to laying out and designing quizzes, handouts, tests, worksheets, assignments, etc. This result was documents that were often uninspiring to say the least.

Pages is a powerful word processor for the iPhone or iPad with a number of design templates – and either print them or upload them to the iCloud for your students to download.


If a student is having trouble keeping up with their workload, it is surprising how effective a little organization can be. iHomework works with the iPad or Mac computers, and is a way to efficiently and successfully keep on top of assignments and tasks. This $0.99 app is becoming increasingly popular with students in high school and throughout the academic sphere.

As you can tell, there are many options for students and teachers to utilize these apps. It helps to increase participation and also increase understanding of the lessons that are taught. New technology will continue to evolve and make its way into classrooms around the country.

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