What does your iPhone Color Say about You?

The colors of the iPhone have changed over time.  Not many people remember the iPhone started with a black front and a metal rear casing.  Traditionally we have the white iPhone with matching charger cord and earbuds, then the classic black both made of plastic materials.  Apple then changed their black iPhone 3GS to have fancy silver apple color logo on the back.  The 5C was my favorite era of the iPhone and their colors all in bright vibrant yellow, blue, green, and pink!  The gold iPhone 5S was beautiful and the new iPhone 6 and 6S have great colors to choose from.  With this brief history of iPhone colors, here is what I think your iPhone color says about you.

White: They are smart, clean, and neat.  They love life and are always on the go.  The person with the white iPhone is always the reason for drama and life at a party!

Black:  They are business orientated and straight shooters.  They enjoy playing games on their phone and never let their battery die!  Many black iPhone owners listen to music on their phone, as an escape from their high powered jobs and busy college careers.

Gold:  People with gold iPhones are popular, love luxury, and enjoy a night out on the town with friends. They have the best style out of their friends and always know how to keep the party going.  They never text back right away, they love feeling wanted!

Silver:  People love a silver iPhone owner; they have so many friends, and love participating on group messenger.  They are always the ones to share photos and have a strong sense of family and values. They are quiet, but when they want to be, they can be the flashiest of the group.

Pink:  Pink iPhones owners tend to express themselves through physical accessories.  They have a great fashion sense and there is never a dull moment in their life.  The pink iPhone owner is always friends with a black iPhone owner.

Blue:  The blue iPhone owner is rare.  They are sweet and smart but also have a little edge.  They are loyal friends and text you back the second they received a message, and love getting notifications!

Anyway, what is the point of getting an iPhone in a pretty color?  Why is it so fun and personal to pick your iPhone color if we all just cover them in in personalized cases?

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