Which USB Microphones Work Best with Apple?

Over the last few years we have seen an outcrop of Apple users looking to record high quality sound on a budget. A USB microphone is no longer for having a better connection with your distant relatives when you talk to them on Skype, rather a necessity for creating professional sounding podcasts and vocal recordings. Now, in addition to allowing for the user to almost fake having an entire recording studio, these microphones have a few more boxes to check. They must be affordable, portable, and easy to use in order to get the most out of them and satisfy the lifestyle needs of the user.

Here are some of the top Apple-compatible USB microphones on the market:

Apogee MiC 96k

Apogee Electronics is the preferred brand of Apple, and that’s why you’ll see their products being retailed at Apples stores and on Apple’s online store. It’s high end, and the price tag will reflect that fact, by then again, so will the quality. This mic is studio-level at 96 kHz24-bit, yet retains the small size and portability that we are looking for in a USB option. As we know, Apple doesn’t “do” USB, and that’s why the Apple hookup on the Apogee is so convenient for those looking to record on their iPad or Mac. However, if you ever think that you will end up switching to something different, you can always pair it with an adapter and you’re good to go.

Shure MV5

If you are looking for something a little less pricey but still good quality which will pair beautifully with your iPhone, iPad, or Apple computer, give the Shure MV5 a glance. Yes, this piece of equipment is small, but this makes it extremely portable and easy to use no matter where you are. With an amazing speaking voice recording quality and a surprisingly good vocal option, it’s a versatile mic that you can use for a number of purposes, from recording instructions to preparing a vocal demo. Shure has even developed an iOS app that makes recording, editing and sharing quick and easy, including functions like snipping, equalizing, and gain control.

Blue Yeti

According to many the best value USB microphone on the market today, the Yeti by Blue, doesn’t just look professional, it sounds it too. Bigger and perhaps clunkier than the nimble MV5, it still wins over critics with its natural sound, seemingly achievable anywhere, whether at the home office or in a professional studio. If you are a stickler for getting that “perfect sound”, the Yeti gives you the opportunity to plug in a headset as a monitor while you are recording, assisting you in getting the sound that you want, something especially important if you are recording vocals over a track. You can also control the gain, or how loud the sound is on your recording device like a laptop, directly on the mic, a function that many appreciate.

Though these microphones and the software that people use with them are really bounds ahead of what used to be available at these price points, there is still a degree of separation between them and professional technology and skill. If you are seriously interested and looking into making recording a career, consider enrolling in a program focused on modern production techniques taught by audio and music industry professionals. But in the meantime, if this is something that ignites a passion in you, gain as much experience as possible with the level of technology you can afford. These USB microphones are all great options that are compatible with your iPhone or other Apple gadgets, meaning that you can start small and scale up eventually.

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