Why I Love my iPad for Cooking

Owning an iPad is something not something all people are privileged to have. I was given my iPad as a gift and it has become my favorite electronic! It is better than the TV, phone, and computer in my opinion. I have become a better at home cook because of my iPad! My iPad sits well on the countertop, I can watch videos of the recipes before and during the cooking process, I can clean and disinfect my iPad unlike a recipe book, and I can lookup different version of the meal to compare notes and then cook the recipe I see fit for my family.

Having different apps on my phone is great, but when I really want to read and learn something new I prefer to use my iPad. There are so many cooking apps available on the iPad, a few of my favorites are Pinterest, In The Kitchen, and All Recipes Dinner Spinner.

With Pinterest you can search recipes in so many different ways! You can search by key words, trending pins, follower’s pins, or click on related pins. With Pinterest you can find an appetizer, main course, dessert, cocktail and décor all within the same theme of a party or event! I have found my holiday hosting food and crafts with the help of my iPad.

My favorite app to use on my iPad is “In The Kitchen” by The Food Network. I love meal planning and I’m obsessed with watching The Food Network, with their app I can choose my favorite chef and search their personal recipes or I can search tending recipes for a seasonal take on my weeks meal planning. Their app also has an explore option if your just looking for something to swipe through for inspiration. The app has written recipes, shopping lists, tons of bright vibrant pictures, and recipe videos. My favorite feature in their app on my ipad is the recipe box, this box saves all the recipes I’m interested in and I can go back to it anytime I am on my ipad.

All Recipes Dinner Spinner allows you to choose what course/meal you are looking to cook just by the food in your fridge! Once you pick a protein and course, the app spins to find you a delicious recipe to make that night Without my iPad my family would be eating junk and takeout!

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