Why Move Your Business Software to the Cloud

Almost every business, even ones that are not directly tech-related, use some sort of software to function. Whether it’s a tool to track inventory, trigger order notifications, deal with customer service, keep books, or store contact information, access to a computer and the appropriate programs is a necessity. However, even just a few years ago, the only option of secure operation and storage of data was via the physical hard drive of a computer or access to a network with a major server.

Since then, the business landscape has been changing, with telephone service being managed through the internet, more programs running online, international companies sharing information or the simple introduction of remote workers and tapping into talent world-wide.

This is where “the cloud” steps in. It gives the user the possibility of storing information and data not on a physical hard drive or a server, but rather a secure space in the internet, which gives quite a few benefits which the older networked version can’t provide:

  • Flexibility

Software and data take up storage, and storage costs money. When you have a small business with changing needs and demands, you will find that using the cloud gives you the flexibility to expand or decrease your available storage very easily. Having software which operates through the cloud means you don’t have to be checking your available storage and bandwidth levels every week. It can also be a huge cost-savings for smaller businesses and start-ups.

  • Accessible

The great thing about using the cloud for your business is that it is accessible from an infinite number of places and from a number of different devices. This is very important for those who have teams spread around the world or simply need access to information at any point in time, whether they are at a café, in a hotel in China, or at the airport lounge right before a flight. Choose a software solution which can be customized to your needs and easily used anywhere at anytime. NetSuite is the leading integrated cloud business software suite, including ERP, streamlining your operations and guiding the entire company towards your goals.

  • Document Control

Since working off of a server can be slow, many people end up downloading the item to their PC or laptop and then uploading it once it has been edited. However, this leads to situations where there are two or more people working on different versions of the document, after which it is completely impossible to piece together. Alternately the solution used to be creating an editing schedule where one person would get to work on it at a time and then send it to the next person. In the end, it was inefficient and frustrating. By using the cloud, users can work on the same project simultaneously, knowing that it is in the only and most current edition out there.

  • Disaster Resilient

Protecting your digital resources is extremely important, especially if you are a data driven company, store confidential information, or your clients’ financial information. Backup and security is something which every company has to think of. However, once you are cloud based, not only is it cheaper to implement these solutions, you have more options than if you were based on one local server. No worries about your computer and the hard drive being stolen, corrupted, or destroyed in a fire, flood, or robbery, and this way you always have a backup somewhere, especially if you are subscribed to a service which ensures it.

As you see, working “from the cloud” can give you and your business associates a boost on not just your digital solutions, but revolutionize the way you work, how you assemble your team, and how quickly you grow.

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